Just about every February or so, we check our social media feeds and the frenzy begins… ticket prices at Disney World and Disneyland have increased!! And overnight, that’s exactly what happened… but never fear, it’s not as extreme as you may think!!

At the current moment, the increase is for stand-alone tickets, Annual Passes, and park hopper options. It takes a few days for those increases to incorporate into package prices, with packages being resort + ticket and/or dining.

Park Hopper add-on prices also went up by $5 per level. Park Hoppers allows you to move from park to park in a regular day, whereas regular base tickets puts you at one park per day.

  • 1 day ticket park hopper options are now $65 extra per ticket
  • 2-3 day ticket park hoppers are $75
  • 4-10 day ticket park hoppers are $85

The Park Hopper Plus option, which gives you not only the park hopper option, but also visits to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks, or the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, increased by $5 per level

  • 1 day ticket park hopper plus option is now $85 extra per ticket
  • 2-3 day ticket park hopper plus is $95
  • 4-10 day ticket park hopper plus is $105

And with ticket increases, Annual Pass prices increase as well.

The prices for passes are as follows:

  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass (includes 4-Park Hopping, water parks, and more, with no blackout dates): $1,295
  • Disney Platinum Pass (includes 4-Park Hopping, with no blackout dates): $1,195
  • Gold Annual Pass (for DVC members and FL residents only): $719
  • Silver Annual Pass (FL residents only): $539

The Platinum Plus Pass and Platinum Pass both increased by $76… The Gold Annual and Silver Annual both increased by $20.  Annual Pass renewal rates also increased.

Tickets in Disneyland has also seen an increase in single day tickets, multi-day tickets, and daily MaxPass add-on.

(NOTE: Universal and other theme parks will also likely increase their prices within the week, as they usually wait for Disney to do the increase first)