Why Use a Travel Planner?

So, what’s the point of a Disney travel planner? 

Once, I was walking through the Magic Kingdom and saw a family of five–two parents, three kids running around.  All were obviously frustrated, as Dad held a map, studying hard while Mom looked around, lost.  While they tried to reign in the children, I overheard Dad say to Mom:

Well we didn’t even know what a Fastpass was until what, ten minutes ago?

RussellTravelThis family was having a miserable day… they were destined to spend the entire day stuck in long lines, with kids being bored, and nerves continually being rattled.

The end result? 

They will return home and tell others what a miserable time they all had at Disney World, how it was too crowded, how it was too hot, how the lines were too long, and how they’ll never go back… and it made me sad for them, because truly, all they needed was…..a plan.

 This is where I come in.
As your Disney travel planner, my services can include:

  • 180 days out

Dining reservations–done 180 days ahead of time, and can be called in at 6a (or secured on the website at 5a CST).  You sleep, I’ll be online.

  • 60 days out

FastPasses — Done 60 days ahead of time, done at midnight EST. You sleep, I’ll be online.

  • Immediately

Instead of calling Disney and explaining the same situation over and over to different Cast Members, call me once, and let me help resolve it.

The best part….my services don’t cost you anything. As a Disney-certified travel planner, the skills I use to get you the vacation you want, are covered by Disney.

Schedule a consult with me to determine if I can help you plan the magical getaway of your dreams.

ready to go?