So for the longest time, it’s been a joy to rent from Kingdom Strollers**. One of the best services they have, in addition to offering high quality products at a reasonable cost, is that they’ll deliver to any WDW resort at a given time, allowing us to arrive, check in, get settled, and go down to bell services, where our stroller will be waiting on us.  And we specify a drop off time, so we drop off our stroller at the end of our stay to Bell Services, knowing they’ll pick it up later.

Walt Disney World resorts feel that that is no longer a good system for them.

Starting October 1st, any stroller or other rented mobility service item (scooters, wheelchairs, etc) cannot be delivered to and held by Bell Services at resorts.  A delivering vendor will need to be met by the guest face to face. Meaning, Kingdom Strollers can no longer drop off a stroller at 8a for you to pick it up after 10a… you’ll have to arrange a time to meet them in person to pick up — and subsequently drop off — your stroller or item.

PLEASE NOTE:  IF you booked one of these items previously, or book it on or before September 30th, this policy will not affect you, as you can have your strollers delivered and picked up as normal. If you book a stroller on or after October 1st, you will be required to set a meeting time to retrieve your item at your resort.

This is an evolving policy that Disney hasn’t come out directly to announce, so this may change slightly.  In fact, Kingdom Strollers released a video earlier that explains the entire process. It appears they are working on a system now to allow you to schedule a meet up time via their website, and to drop off and pick up at resorts at least 6 times per day Monday through Thursday, and up to 10 times daily on Friday through Sunday.

At least for now, this will not affect deliveries to resorts not owned or operated by Disney, including Swan & Dolphin, Bonnet Creek, The Four Seasons, and the Disney Springs area resorts.

If you have questions, please contact your mobility service provider.

If you have booked a stroller through me with Kingdom, and have not heard back from me, please reach out to me and I can make sure it’s taken care of.

**note: Kingdom Strollers is not a sponsor of, nor affiliated with, this website or Magic on a Dollar Travel in any way… I’m just a frequent customer and a fan of their services